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My signature group program is called 'Fast Track Your Success' where we have women coming together from different backgrounds and industries, with one common vision- to fast track their next move in life or at work. I don't take more than 10 clients at a time as it's important to keep this space as personal as possible for everyone to get the best out of it and get personalised attention.

I run group programs frequently and my recent one has been a huge success. Most of my clients experienced deep shifts internally and were able to take a leap of faith in their outer world whether it's starting a new business or taking up a higher responsibility role or even getting their next client.

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Harleen is exceptional. I never fail to be amazed at how insightful, helpful and practical her help is.
I have just completed her Group Programme, and I would wholeheartedly recommend it. It is life-changing. I had wondered if a group programme could deliver results - but it is truly powerful.
By reflecting on different areas of mindset and motivation, we worked through our desires, set ourselves goals and got cracking with achieving them!
And Harleen was there in the motivated times, but also during life's invariable hiccups. Picking us up and getting us back on the road to our dreams.
Thanks Harleen - I'm so thrilled that I took part.

- Louisa


I was going through a broken & unhealthy married life with a lot of fear to move ahead on my own with my 3 year old son. I was very stressed out, physically weak and started doubting myself. When I got to know about Harleen and the FTYD 2018 course, I jumped straight in as I really wanted to move things for me personally and professionally. Her tasks and recommendations on the books to read and videos helped me so much and made me come out of that spiral of negativity. With her guidance, I achieved a few of my personal goals that I had set up for myself. I also left my last soul-sucking job and with Harleen's persistent accountability plan, I found a job that suited my needs. She kept me positive throughout this journey. The best bit is that inspite of an estranged personal situation in the family; my friends say that I still look strong and happy.
Harleen whatever you've taught me is getting strengthened by the books I'm reading and videos I'm watching. I know now what my fears are and I'm working on it. I feel emotionally strong and working towards getting physically strong as well. I know now that happiness and loving energy that we exhibit attracts opportunities and miracles in life. I do my daily rituals that Harleen had outlined for me.
Thank you so much Harleen for guiding me towards the right direction.

- Rajneet

Catalina Menendez

Harleen is an amazing woman and coach. I have been working with Harleen since 9 months now and I can clearly see how she helped me to discover myself and to discover the new "extraordinary" version of myself I can be. Through her visualization exercises, meditations, strategy plans and conversations, Harleen guides you through your inner thoughts and gives you the tools you need in order to be aware of who you really are and what are the useless thoughts and fears that are keeping you down from being a better version of yourself. After each session I feel empowered, radiant, full of new thoughts and new ways of looking at thing. I start my day full of energy and really focused, which is tremendously good for any person under a high performance schedule. After all the work we have done I feel that now I have new tools to go over any situation that may come in life. I feel I can look at myself in a more compassionate way, understanding who I am and with an immense gratitude towards the universe.
Harleen has shown me that she is a wonderful human being with an immense empathy. Her listening capacity is extraordinary, and you can really see how she really focuses on your problems to really understand what is going on in your life in order to give you the best advice as a Mentor to make you go from A to B: from standard to outstanding. Harleen allows you to plan through your life and understand what are the necessary activities, ideas and thoughts you need to embrace in order to rebalance your energy and have your feet on the ground vibrating with the universe.
I really recommend and encourage everyone to be part of the High Vibes Community with Harleen. Not only you will find gratitude in your life, but also you will have the opportunity to be guided into a new way of living and experimenting life through one of the most brilliant and generous minds I have ever met!

- Catalina Menendez, SBS Capital - Investment Banking en Grupo SBS, Argentina

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