What my clients are saying


Harleen is a fantastic coach!
I've been coached by her and she is wonderful! I always arrived to the coaching sessions feeling overwhelmed, confused and in a rush and left the sessions with a great feeling of purpose, clarity and serenity that it was just what I needed! Her mix of visualizations, mindfulness and powerful questions took me to unknown places in my self  that allowed me to grow fast and see a confident boost in my self!

- Silvia Navarro Herrera, Field Sales Associate at Kelloggs

Allison Lindsay

Harleen has an insightful and fearless approach to coaching, balancing gentleness and sensitivity with firmness when it is needed. She pushed me to explore my boundaries and really discover what is deep inside me. She helped me focus on what is really important, so that I could prioritise actions and move forward to make the changes that I wanted to make but in which I had felt stuck and unable to move. I would highly recommend her as a coach.

- Allison Lindsay, Business Psychologist, London


I cant find enough words to describe Harleen. I approached life coaching because I felt that I was facing lots of fears to start my own business. I have had psychotherapy sessions so I already knew the difference between counselling and life coaching. Harleen empowered me by making me feel that I am in a safe place where I can discuss all of my issues with no fear or hesitation. I had a difficulty to trust a person that I don't know much about but Harleen is a very intuitive person and I didn't have to say much. She understood all my needs and stood by me in all the way of our journey. She was ''holding my hand'' and having my back all this time and she was THERE when I really needed her. She has never let me down and I can describe her as the light that I needed in my deep and dark tunnel or the lighthouse that her light guide me and protected me from dangerous ''waters''. What surprised me about this process of coaching with Harleen was that she is a very patient, good hearted, calm and full of high vibes . Even her voice is enough to bring you peace of mind that is really important for me to feel comfortable and talk about my deepest fears with no judgement and full support.
I cant recommend her enough and I would say that she is a gem of a person .I could say with my hands down that she is the ambassador of kindness and she would make a big change in your life if you let her help you improve yourself and your life in general.

- Christina, Pastry chef, Manchester

Amanda Devine

I was coming to the end of my big treatments for Breast Cancer and keen to step forward once again into life and business. Having been out of the loop for quite a while, I was nervous the future and sustaining balance between my health and my need to create something new and powerful in my business. As a coach myself, I know the power of working with someone to guide, champion, challenge and move both your body mind and spirit into a new empowered way of being. I chose to work with Harleen having tried out some other coaches. She was the best fit for my spirit. She is powerful and gentle, kind and challenging and more importantly for me personally she brings all her learnings from alternative and complimentary therapies to form a holistic approach to coaching.
Working with Harleen really helped me to plan and reconnect with the dream I had for leading a coaching and wellness retreat in India. We overcame the major fears around sharing my story, I set new boundaries around my business and how I would work going forward and most importantly she got me out of my head and into my body’s wisdom through visualisations and meditations. I have no hesitation in recommending this wonderful inspiring lady.

- Amanda Devine, Life Coach, Dreamscaper, Soul Alchemist


I have started coaching with Harleen, as I am in crossroads in my life, and with so many exciting options ahead of me, it is great to have professional support to help me question where I'm going, and the options and possibilities ahead of me. It is also great to have someone truly on your side!

By asking powerful questions, doing useful exercises together, and setting me thought provoking homework, I am now getting closer to my goal.

I love working with Harleen as she's a positive, can-do person, and very knowledgeable.

I'm surprised how quickly I started to feel I was making true progress. Harleen is on a mission to help me achieve my goals!

- Louisa, Senior Marketing executive

Gosia Campbell

I had a great pleasure to have coaching conversations with Harleen and the time we spent together was a beautiful experience. 
I could definitely feel an amazing and positive energy and knew pretty much straight away that we will work well together.
She can dig deeply into your soul and bring the best out of you in no time. 
Harleen is very passionate about her work, she is great at it and I wish her all the best in the future.

- Gosia Campbell, Owner, Beauty Deep Skin Care

Lucy Aldis

I approached Harleen for coaching after a transitional time in my life. I knew I needed to focus on setting some goals and having a framework for a future career but I also knew I needed to identify how to move forward in the best way.

Harleen is a very practical and brings challenge to the process in a constructive way but what I love about her is that she works with a level of intuition that I think is essential when you are working with the person as a whole.

Although I arrived wanting to concentrate on my professional career, Harleen helped to identify the personal issues in my life preventing that. It has been a greater emotional experience than I anticipated but I am delighted to say that I have cleared some big blockers from my life which has given me the space to identify my career path.

If you are looking for a holistic approach, Harleen is certainly the coach for you. Afterall, life for all of us is a culmination of our past and present. It is amazing uncovering how it all interlinks.

- Lucy Aldis, owner at "Undo The Day"

Lucilla Fermi

I approached life coaching because I was stuck in this fearful space between having loads of ideas and wanting to make the perfect decision in how to move forward in my life and career goals. So much had changed since having children, and I needed to acknowledge that. Harleen helped me by giving me such wonderful clarity, while showing me the flexibility of my decisions. Her guided visualisations helped strengthen the more vulnerable parts of myself and I feel truly empowered. I have been able to make some really tough decisions, with her support, and have moved forward so much. I will always hold dear the mantra 'CLARITY COMES FROM ACTION'. So I'm nearly six months down my path with Harleen and life looks very very different. I feel more true to myself than I have in years and my heart is very happy. Really looking forward to the next steps....

- Lucilla Fermi, Mumpreneur


I first spoke to Harleen when I was at a point in my life and career that was becoming too cluttered and difficult to manage.  I felt I was spinning too many plates and not particularly doing a very good job at anything.  Being a mum to my 2 boys, a good wife to my husband or a decent leader in my demanding advertising job.  What Harleen helped me do was stop, listen and focus on what the problems were bit by bit.  Amazingly it seemed many of the problems didn't even exist and were placed there by myself and my own worries of failure. Looking back it was so obvious that this was the case, but Harleen literally allowed me to discover and park these worries one by one. 

We focused on what was really important to me and what I needed to do in order to make my goals happen.  I now manage to focus on my numerous roles one by one - with less of the manic multi tasking that I was doing before.  So when I'm at work, I'm at work.  And when I'm with the kids, I'm with the kids.  My career is progressing, I've been pushing myself to do more thought leadership sessions in industry to raise my profile and salary and I've also developed confidence in my ability and worth. My home life is calmer and I can connect with my family in a more focused way.  Nothing is perfect and there are days when this all goes to pot - BUT now I can identify these days and work to make them better, rather than be consumed by guilt and self doubt.

- Helen, Head of Creative Strategies

Aarti Khanna

Harleen is the perfect choice for a life coach as she puts you totally at ease and operates completely within your comfort level. She has an amazing ability to help you dig deep, connect the dots and put things in the right perspective. By the end of the session you are able to give a cohesive form to all the thoughts and ideas floating randomly in your head leading to better understanding of the self. I came out of the session I had with her totally upbeat, energized and ready to meet all challenges head on. Thank you Harleen.

- Deepa, Businesswoman


They say a life coach teaches you to live ... live with more positivity
Harleen, the tiny package came with a big surprise. Meeting and interacting with you did just that for me . Thanks for helping me realize that Yes! I am Awesome!! And I didn’t need others approval to say so.

- Aarti Khanna, Businesswoman

I went for Harleen’s 90 minute breakthrough session. Just one session changed my entire perspective on a particular situation. It was so insightful. I developed a clear vision of my future and what I want to achieve. Kudos to this young lady who has grown in front of us and going far ahead in life. I have listened to all this stuff before a million times but being with Harleen is so different. She just taps into your energy. I am still swimming in that eureka moment I had with you. May you be blessed with all the happiness you deserve.

- Nidhi, Social Activist


Harleen is a pious soul. I feel lucky and thank God that I got in touch with Harleen at the time when i most needed. I was feeling hopeless, dejected and struggling to cope with everything. She pulled me out of this darkness and empowered me through her chats and tasks.I look forward to talk to her in my every session. She is like a guiding light to me. Harleen is very kind and patient person.I feel more positive,calm and motivated now after sessions with her. She is very clear and straightforward in what she says. She has brought hope in my life and made me look towards brighter side of life. She made me feel valued about myself. She introduced me to myself. I strongly recommend Harleen as a life coach. I wish her happy, healthy, wealthy and successful life.

- Rajneet, Accountant Mommy

Upasana Khanna

Harleen is a torch bearer who leads you to the path of discovering yourself.My first session was nowhere less than a metamorphosis. I gained clarity on so many issues and that too through the process of self discovery. Each session opened up new avenues and the inspiration to achieve and take risk to change for better. Harleen has the gift to empower you to discover your strengths and use them to their optimum. She helped me awaken my inner spirit and helped me see that nothing is impossible if you make up your mind as we all have the power. And not to forget the daily affirmations and the post session reminders to check if I was walking my talk. A believer in 'Bettering Yourself' she not only helps you come out of a no way situation but can also guide you to make the most of your current situation. Thanks Harleen for being my guiding light and helping me discover my potential. God bless you.

- Upasana Khanna, Academic Coordinator, India

Smiya Ahmed

When I first met Harleen I knew straight away she was the right coach for me. We connected straight away and I believe that the people you meet come in to your life for a reason . I knew it was the right choice for Harleen to coach me.

My sessions have been amazing and I have been able to explore my goals personally and professionally and am confident to use the tools I have learnt to create these in to a reality.

Thank you Harleen for taking the time to get to know me, guide me and  support  me in my journey.

Very grateful for your amazing coaching sessions.

- Smiya Ahmed, Director, Lifestyle Bee