Hi, I am Harleen and I empower professional and ambitious women to smash the overwhelm, find their inner voice, get crystal clear on their vision/goals/limiting beliefs and create an Action-Plan to steer their way towards the Soul-led Goals!

Harleen Chadha


"Do you long to live a life as a "real-you' with all the energy, focus and motivation you need to get out there and do what fulfills you?"

“Are you feeling stuck and overwhelmed amidst so many choices to make between managing your work and family life?

“Have you been sitting on your dreams for long thinking that the right time is yet to come..?”

Then you are not alone. I have been there myself!

I am Harleen H Chadha, a Professional Co-active 'Clarity and Success Mindset Coach', from The Coaches Training Institute (  ) and an NLP Practitioner (  ), a spirit junkie, passionate about guiding you beyond the frustration, indecisiveness and limiting beliefs that might be holding you back in achieving your personal/business/corporate goals.

As your coach, I’m here to help you define, access and develop the BEST version of you by creating a thought-provoking and stimulating relationship and maximising your personal and professional growth and most importantly getting you to take that FIRST STEP towards PROGRESS. Because I believe if you access the best version of yourself, you are living in resonance and your vibration rate increases - more positivity, more awareness and hence a fulfilling and a High-Vibe life.

As a licensed NLP Practitioner from The NLP Society by Richard Bandler, I am trained to use the techniques to help you break your old limiting-belief patterns, gain new opportunities and helping you make your decisions based  on your dreams instead of fears.

After working in the financial services industry for over a decade, I knew I wanted to do something more fulfilling and productive. And then I had a breakthrough

- I was expecting a little miracle in 2015 and that changed EVERYTHING

- I knew there was something else out there waiting for me to happen

After a few sessions with my own life coach, I knew that was just what I wanted to do myself. Quitting a well-paid, secure job (and not to mention quitting my high achiever persona) wasn't easy but Coaching as a profession was much more fulfilling and resonant with my inner values. So I dared myself to follow the unknown. And I am not looking back any more…

Have a look at my personal experience with my own life coach in this blog below-


- I am a part of the 'Cherie Blaire Foundation' for Women in Business , a charity that focuses on building women’s confidence, capability and access to capital – the crucial ingredients for business success.